On Things I’ll Never Do.

February 18, 2010 at 1:14 PM 2 comments

There have been a number of things that I’ve said I would “never do.” Things that most people find very rational, justifiable, even good reasons for doing – sometimes, they even end up enjoying them (gasp!). I, however, have an amazing knack for knocking things without any intention of trying them. I just know I won’t like it, so why waste the time?

But there are two things on my “Things I’ll Never Do” list that cause a little bit of frustration – for me and others: running (unless my life depends on it, for which there is a general understanding that if that is the case, then I’m probably going to die) and camping outside in a TENT (heebies – cue mental visions of my maimed and bloody guest appearance on “When Animals Attack 435287”).

I have carried these two around for years – and for years I have passionately preached the words, “I WILL NEVER!” in any instance that it be recommended that I do either.

But I’m at a different place in my life these days. A place where I can stand and look at all the different things that have crossed my path. Things that in the past I’ve said, not so passionately and maybe a lot more regretfully, “I will never…”

Things like –
Visit Europe
Drink wine
Move away from California
Get Married
Move out of country
Hone my domestic skills
Be a “Stay-at-home”
Write for pleasure AND business

I’ve accomplished almost all of these now, but more importantly, I love that they’ve crossed my path, and became a part of my life. A life that had the potential to not know what a perfect fit all of these would be.

And to know that I spent the first 20-something years thinking, “I will never…” What a loss that could have been – what a list of regrets to have lay in bed next to you.

So maybe I don’t love running for fun, and still grossly fear the idea of sleeping outside – but are those reasons enough to say, “I will never”? Are those reasons enough to just cut them from my life now without ever really knowing if they could be the perfect fit?


Running and camping could be heinous – or they could be things that bring me a joy I’ve never known and always hungered – and that is reason enough to give them a chance.

So maybe I should erase my, “Things I’ll Never Do” list and write just one thing – one important thing.

Things I’ll Never Do:
Close myself off to a well-lived life


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  • 1. Slamdunk  |  February 18, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    Great post. I am sure if I composed a list of things I would never do (at age 18), it would be an interesting contrast to life several years later.

  • 2. hannahkaty  |  February 19, 2010 at 5:48 AM

    Great concept. Another beautifully written post.


    Hannah Katy


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