Well hello, 2010.

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So the very first full week of 2010 is done; the year is rarin’ on full speed into what I know will be an amazing year.  I’m excited.  Like dance in my PJs to the CSI: Las Vegas theme song (“Whooooooooooo are you? Who, who, who, who?!”).  I know, it’s a cute visual.

In any case, the year is starting off splendidly.

January 1st – Spent the morning recovering from NYE shinanigans with my cousins, friend, brother and husband.  I’m pretty sure I spent the day with dirty hair playing on my MacBook while in my pajamas, but I can’t be sure.  I enjoyed it.

January 2nd – The majority of my morning was spent much like that of a hamster in a wheel (lots of running, very little ground covered) in preparation for the migrating of my family and friends into my parents’ house for the 11-month late wedding party for the Husbatron and I.  It was a long evening of laughing, food, harassment and all around circus like activity.  In other words: a blast.

January 3rd – Finally had the Escobedo-Garcia Christmas and celebrated with my version of huevos rancheros at 1 PM.  Then I’m pretty sure he and I spent nearly the entire day on the couch playing with our laptops.  Let’s not go into how ridiculous we are and let’s just focus on how embarrassingly meant for each other we are.

January 4th – Hello San Francisco! It was a fun day filled with lots of driving, cursing, surprises and picture taking.  I had a great time, but slept like a coma patient that night.

January 5th – It was Eric’s last day in California before heading back to the boot, so I went easy on him.  I hardly even made him talk to me (let’s not lie, we were too busy playing on our laptops again. Eesh).  Then later than night we met up with friends and ate TONS of sushi.  I like to think that eating sushi is somehow better for me than other things I could have gorged on, so let me believe it.  Then we went to my cousins’ house and played games (Girls Team won “Taboo.” SUCKAS) until Eric and I decided it would be responsible of us to go home and pack him up for his 8 AM flight (PS – Responsibility is WAY over-rated).

January 6th – Got the weepies as Eric went up the escalator to security and then came home and slept (after, of course, stopping by McD’s for the breakfast menu that I’m never up earlier enough to take advantage of).  Okay, and played on my MacBook.  And let me just say for the record, I did do some slightly productive things like play with OmniFocus which is basically an OCD’s dreamcometrue.

January 7th – Wasted my entire day surfing, being nosey and listening to music.  I at least took a shower to feel like I was in some way minutely productive.

So week 1 of 2010, I like you.  I certainly don’t hope to do as little over the next 51 weeks, but I do appreciate all the down time I’ve had after the crazyawesome month I’ve had.


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Hey 2009, thanks for being you. Growing up.

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